• Water Hammer

    Have you ever experienced a loud hammering noise or pipe rattling in your walls or ceiling? Water Hammer, also called hydraulic shock, is “a sound of concussion of moving water against the sides of a containing pipe or vessel,” (State of Illinois Plumbing Code). Water Hammer is the result of a rapid deceleration of water flow in an enclosed space, like a pipe. There are a few ways to remedy this problem, requiring simple parts and know how.

  • All Toilets Are Not Alike!

    Many homeowners do not rank their household toilet very high on the list of priorities. However, it is a key fixture of a modern and well-functioning home. When building a home, or remodeling your bathroom, it is important to find the right toilet, both functionally and aesthetically.

  • A Strong FMIScore Can Help Establish Trust Among Contractors

    Recently, C.J. Erickson Plumbing was asked by Clune Construction Company to attain our FMIScore. Obtaining an FMIScore is a requirement to prequalify to work with their company. We had no hesitations about fulfilling this request. Economic stability in business today is important and should be questioned and verified. Companies, particularly in the construction industry, cannot

  • C.J. Erickson Plumbing Community Service Corps is Back In Action!

    In 2006, as part of C.J. Erickson’s Centennial Celebration, the Community Service Corps was created. The purpose of the Community Service Corps was to establish and coordinate volunteer opportunities for C.J. Erickson Plumbing Co. employees. During that year our employees volunteered at local soup kitchens and even sponsored a house for the “Rebuild Together” project.

  • Why You Need a Battery Backup Sump Pump System

    Don’t let a flooded basement happen to you. As the snow begins to melt and make way for spring rains, make sure your home is protected from a sump pump failure or power outage. A Pro Series Sump Pump provides the following standard features: Switches automatically to battery power in an emergency Pumps up to

  • Testing Our New Hydro-Excavation Machine

    Hydro-excavation equals safe excavation. Hydro-excavation utilizes pressurized water to break up the ground into small pieces. The technology provides a non-destructive means to safely locate utilities and precisely excavate an area.

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