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Checking In with the CJE Community Service Corps

C.J. Erickson has long been dedicated to aiding and serving our communities. In fact, as of October 13, 2010, we have proudly logged a total of 344 volunteer hours helping some incredibly worthwhile causes.

In the 2nd half of the year, we have been concentrating our volunteer hours at specific organizations in Chicago and local suburbs. These organizations include the Ronald McDonald House, Together We Cope and Greater Chicago Food Depository. The variety of tasks we are involved in at each organization are both people and family focused to increase the quality of life for those in need during what is still considered to be a
difficult economic time.

The Ronald McDonald House provides families of hospitalized children with stable and consistent resources. When it comes to our involvement at
the Ronald McDonald House, we happily and
humbly do any and everything residents and staff need of us when we arrive. For instance, on August 30, 2010, CJE staff cooked and served dinner for approximately 35-40 people who are staying in the Ronald McDonald House at Hope Children’s Hospital at 4410 W. 93rd Street, Oak Lawn, IL. Tasks often include cleaning the basics like laundry rooms, refrigerators, scrubbing the laundry rooms and floors, sweeping leaves off of the roof and installing new toilet seats. Our goal is to make this particular branch of the Ronald McDonald House organization as comfortable for the families living in it as possible. If you would like to volunteer for the Ronald McDonald House nonprofit, click here.

Together We Cope assists families in temporary crisis from Bremen, Orland, Palos and Worth townships in Chicago’s southern suburbs. We help unload trucks that arrive with food; we also pack up groceries for the 55 families that come in for food daily, stock the shelves and clean the freezers. This is a great organization helping people in need. If you are interested in volunteering at Together We Cope, click here.

The Greater Chicago Food Depository, located at 4100 W. Ann Lurie Pl., Chicago, IL, Chicago’s food bank, is a non-profit food distribution and training center providing food for the hungry while working to end hunger in their community. We help them re-pack food into smaller containers for distribution to people and organizations in need. The Greater Chicago Food Depository also donates food to Together We Cope. For more information on the Greater Chicago Food Depository, click here.

At C.J. Erickson, we are proud to have a socially conscious and generous staff willing to donate hours to serving the community and those in need. And the year’s not over! We are continuing our service to these important foundations. If you are interested in the work we do or would like to help out, you can call us at (708) 371-4900.


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