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Testing Our New Hydro-Excavation Machine

Hyrdo-Excavation = Safe Excavation! Water is powerful enough to carve the Grand Canyon, yet it is gentle enough to wash a newborn baby. Hydro-excavation utilizes pressurized water to break up the ground into small pieces. Then the ground is removed via air conveyance into a debris tank. The technology provides a non-destructive means to safely locate utilities and precisely excavate an area.

In this video, you can watch how we test our new hydro-excavation machine.

In 2009, C.J. Erickson insituted a “Critical Dig” procedure for all underground work. Surface locating of utilities near or around a planned excavation is standard practice. We take this one step further by finding the utility at its underground location prior to any excavation with heavy equipment.

Now we can help with pot-holing, utility location, catch-basin cleaning, pre-construction surveys, fiber optic locating… the list is endless. Questions? Please call 708-371-4900 and ask for the Site Work Department.


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