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A Strong FMIScore Can Help Establish Trust Among Contractors

Recently, C.J. Erickson Plumbing was asked by Clune Construction Company to attain our FMIScore. Obtaining an FMIScore is a requirement to prequalify to work with their company.

We had no hesitations about fulfilling this request. Economic stability in business today is important and should be questioned and verified. Companies, particularly in the construction industry, cannot be too careful when it comes to deciding whom to trust. C.J. Erickson supports this kind of transparency in every aspect of our work. We felt that receiving audited information on our financial stability could give the contractor and customer as much faith as we ourselves have in our work.

FMIScoreFMIScores are calculated using documented and verified information from contractors including lines of credit, quarterly measures, works-in-progress, etc. Ranked on a scale from 0 to 2,000, (the latter being the highest, with scores over 1,000 being deemed “excellent”) score results are invaluable in discovering the financial well-being and quality of a company. C.J. Erickson is proud to say that not only did we receive a title of “excellent,” but we were rated at a near-perfect score of 1,984. We could not be more proud, especially at a time of such economic hardship.

To learn more about the FMIScore, or to register with FMI and obtain an FMIScore for your business, please visit the FMIScore website.


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